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What milaniz is made of? Skill, dedication, and laziness. Oh, and an unstoppable urge to geek out over all things. We don’t fight it.

#milaniz has assembled a dynamic team of digital marketers and savvy software developers together, We have many years of experience in the Iranian, Canadian and European markets.

We are not just company owners, we ourselves are the main developers and marketers, experts who understand the nature of our culture and the need for each to have an online presence.

We understand business, the online environment, traditional media, market research, marketing and advertising strategies, branding, product development and product launches. We work with small to medium sized businesses to find what works for their products, services, and budget.

Vida @ Milaniz
Arts and Crafts Designer, The Boss

We are all afraid of Vida, She just wants everyone to do their job! besides that, she is the artist around here, she makes sure things look fancy!

Sepehr @ milaniz
Full-Stack Developer, Clean Your Mac Guy!

Sepehr is a full-stack obsessive! With him on the team, you can't deliver anything to the client unless it's 100% clean code and tested at least 12 times! he is the man who keeps us in line.

Reza Soroori @ milaniz
SysAdmin, Drupalist, GateKeeper

Reza is a Drupal veteran, he wrote the very first book on Drupal6 in Persian in Iran, he also keeps our servers safe and sound ?

Shayan Azali
Content Curator, Social Media Manager

We've tried to understand what it is that Shayan does, but failed to do so! he also has the best English accent ever, it's so magical!

Hossein @ Milaniz
Co-Founder, Drupalist, Animator

Hossein is a badass graphist, animator & Drupal developer, he likes his tea with sugar cubes, he also stares into abyss time to time in a scary way!

Sohail at milaniz
Co-Founder, CEO, Front-end Wizard

Sohail is a coffee obsessed front-end developer, UI/UX Designer, a little bit of software architect, he also owns a pony!

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