We've been working on different projects throughout last couple of years with Balooch company, but this time when they asked us for a brand new redesign of their main website so they can showcase their new line of products, we used all that we had under our belt!

Balooch.ir Website Designed by Milaniz
Online Shops Should Look Nice too

One of the main things about online shops and e-commerce websites is that they usually don't seem to be that much good looking! we believe that whatever the website's main functionality is, it should look nice.

Online commerce websites are a bit tricky, the User-Experience matters a lot and the UI shouldn't be confusing, all of this plus the fact that it's a commerce website, so it should work with no glitches and make it easy for customers to surf around.

Redesigning the logo

So when we started the new website, we also redesigned the previous logo. nowadays logos should be readable and not that much serious!

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